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A professional speech​ completed by a speech writer, with added content and edits to grammar, structure and flow

Three rounds of editing and professional support

A speech note version containing personalised advice on using delivery techniques in your speech

A cover page with information and personal comments from the speech writer

Branding removed

Speech emailed in PDF format


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Custom Speeches are for speciality speeches that don't fit the specific wedding, event and business speech types that can be created on SpeechForm's Speech Generator. Explore speech types here, or click below to learn more about Custom Speeches.

Custom Speeches Include

Completed speech document

A completed speech

We take your content and personalise and complete the entire speech for you

Delivery advice speech bubble

Delivery advice

Where to pause, use vocal variety and gestures, all listed on your speech

Email consultation envelope

Email consultation

Communicate with our speech writer over email, with three round of edits 

No branding eraser

No branding

Branding removed from all supplied documents 

What's the process?

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Contact envelope
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Our speech writers will review your Standard Speech, add content and improve grammar, flow and structure


Our speech writers will get in touch via email to get further information and perfect your speech.


We'll email you your full speech and a speech note version containing personalised advice on speech delivery techniques

Frequently asked questions

Will someone be there to help me and answer my questions?

We focus on providing support to our paid users, but try to answer everyone. We try our best to answer the same day - but this isn’t always possible. You can always review our help center for answers of your questions.

Is my private data secure?

Speeches are deeply personal documents. We understand that, so we never share your information with third parties, except trusted partners used to provide you with a stable and enjoyable experience when using SpeechForm. Aside from that, you’re in control of your data and can delete your account any time. For more info, check out our privacy policy.

Can I download my speech in word doc?

When sharing documents using word processors like Microsoft Word, the formatting can change dramatically. Our documents download as a PDF, which ensures your speech works with all operating systems, and always looks exactly the way you designed it.

If something goes wrong and it’s SpeechForm’s fault, can I get a refund?

If we make a mistake or something breaks, affecting your ability to use SpeechForm, we can offer you a refund.