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This Has Always Been Enough

A “common man that has succeeded as much as anyone who’s ever lived, having raised a family” delivering a speech that ticks all the boxes. A great foundational speech that can be built upon, it includes nothing too fancy or over-the-top, but covers all vital elements – gratitude towards guests, a reflection on the groom, pride in the groom and the couple, and best wishes for the future. Your happiness for the bride and groom takes centre stage in this speech. The groom’s qualities and quirks are touched upon, and the speech reflects upon the happiness this relationship has brought to the groom. And, although it is heartfelt, there is still room for entertainment with some fun, witty, and crowd-pleasing quips!

Takes After His Dad

If you’re looking for a speech straight out of the box that requires little personalisation but covers all expectations, then look no further! This speech can be delivered as is, or it can be expanded to include more of a personal touch. A great mix of entertainment, heartfelt messages, and gratitude. Your excitement for the day and your love for your son and the couple shines through. The speech reflects on the groom’s younger years, your confidence in the couple’s future, and the qualities of the bride, with a hint of cheekiness thrown in!