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Comprehensive Guide to Writing Your Groom Speech

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Groom Speech

Ash Oliver    8 minute read      Updated on 10-21-2021

As the Groom, you will be at the center of your wedding party’s attention all day, but at no point more so than when you are giving your speech. Your guests want to hear from you. They are on your journey with you. They want to hear about your love for your new wife, and this is your opportunity to convey your feelings towards your audience, particularly your family and Bride. 

The journey separates you from the other speakers – you are the driver of the journey of your relationship and your love while acknowledging your guests’ part in it, so take them with you in style!

Your speech should show:


  • Acknowledgment towards family and friends

  • Thanking those who have contributed to the day

  • Behind-the-scenes insights into your bride and relationship journey

  • Compliments and expressing your love and admiration towards your bride


Tick these boxes, and you’ll do great, but if you also organize it correctly and deliver it really well, you’ll have your audience singing your praises all evening.


This groom speech guide will show you:

✓  The purpose behind the groom speech

✓  How to prepare for your writing journey

✓  The elements to include within your speech, with examples

✓  What makes a groom speech truly memorable and powerful

✓  Examples taken from our speech builder and speech shop

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The question you have is…

How to write a Groom Speech


If your Engagement Speech was the trailer, then the Groom Speech is the film! This speech is an emotional rollercoaster, with the contrast of entertainment and tear-jerking love stories and acknowledgments. 

To satisfy guests' need to feel acknowledged and part of your journey – in our speech builder, we focus on your relationship, your heartfelt feelings about your new wife, and recognition of hosts and others who have helped with preparations. 

This will be the final time you have to formally speak as the main man, so making a great speech will leave your audience with a great final impression.

Ok great… but now how should I structure the speech?


What type of structure works best?

After helping to create a bunch of groom speeches, we’ve come up with a simple but effective structure that may suit you.

Top Groom Speech sections


  • Opening

  • Family and Friends

  • Personal Stories

  • The Serious Stuff

  • Closing

We’ve found the common approach is to move strictly from section to section. But, you may decide to intertwine stories from one section within other areas in your speech to give it a more organic, fluid vibe. All we recommend is – it’s up to you! 

Just don’t jump around too much. People like to follow a clear path when listening so the information is logical and easily understood. 

There are no hard-and-fast rules outside of ensuring you consider each of these sections, give people some insight into your relationship, and acknowledge those who need to be recognized.


Your wedding guests

Before putting pen to paper, think about what may be appropriate for your audience. Think about who will be there and what they might want to hear. Remember – a speech is for the listener, not the speaker. Do you have a conservative audience? They may not respond well to coarse language and some of your questionable jokes. Though, this may hit the spot for a bunch of friends in a casual setting. Try to keep it fun and heartfelt and add your personal twist. But, just make sure your speech also suits the tastes of your guests.  

Eulogy audience types

The theme of the Groom Speech

Another planning process to undertake before writing your speech: think about what message you are trying to send with the speech. Many people launch straight into writing their speech. But, go above and beyond by taking just a few minutes to think about this.

It’s too easy for most to simply write something “because they have to” without thinking about what they want guests to think of the speech. Obviously, you’ll want to please your guests and wife, but consider getting more specific. Understanding this will ensure you send a clear message with your speech. After all – sending a message is the point of every speech! And even better – a theme will help you to come up with ideas when you're running out of creative juice.


This example, taken from our Speech Builder, is a good, brief summary of the support provided by your family and friends throughout your relationship challenges. When reading and writing your speech, always keep your theme in mind to make sure you're on track.


Opening up

Welcome your guests, and consider launching straight into a comment or a story about the wedding or your wife, a question, a historical fact about the date of your wedding, or an opinion about the event. This will pique the interest of your audience and have them thinking, “Hmm, didn’t expect this. What’s going to happen next?”. The best speeches grab the audience's attention immediately and have them wanting more.  

There is a good chance you will have one or two stressful moments on the wedding day that others may find funny. Telling one of these stories at the start of your speech is a great opportunity to get your audience on the emotional rollercoaster.


Family and friends

Part one of the formalities. Acknowledge and thank your in-laws for all they have helped you with. This could include their support for the relationship, assistance with wedding preparations, or help with everyday life. Also - throw in a story about the moment you asked for their daughter's hand in marriage, the time you first met, or another interesting story. This will keep your audience's interest at a peak through humor and sincerity.

Acknowledgments Part Two - thanking your side of the family for their contributions to the wedding day and your life generally is a must. Paying respects to your family and others who have contributed to the day will give your guests the “warm and fuzzies” they’re looking for!


​Personal stories

Of course – you have a tonne of insights into your relationship, your bride, and your lives together from behind the scenes – things that only you, or a select few, know! 

Talking about these is a fantastic opportunity to keep people entertained with things they haven’t heard before, including funny stories and tales about great and interesting moments. It will also keep your guests moving along the journey of your love story.

One example may be a story about how you met your bride. People love origin stories! Feel free to get creative with this story so it captivates your audience.

Example: I met Jane at college six years ago, and we have been inseparable ever since. I'm so proud to now call you my wife.

But, you could surround your meeting story with emotional detail to make this part of your speech stronger and more captivating:


Create a groom speech using more examples like this


The serious stuff

Your speech isn't complete with adding a touch of admiration and sincerity. Before you finish up, leave your guests remembering your love for your wife – how you feel about your future, how you have been changed for the better, challenges you have overcome… anything and everything! This will deepen the story of your adventure of falling in love and balance out your earlier sections' light-heartedness, leaving your guests and bride with feelings of love and joy.


Closing off

Finish up with a quote or a final comment about your wife and your marriage will round off your speech. And, let's not forget a toast!

Some of the popular ways you can close include:

•    A quote and how the quote applies to your relationship
•    Promises for the future
•    Expressing excitement for the good times ahead
•    Simply telling her how much you love her!


See more Closing examples

If you wrote yourself a theme – one trick is to use your theme and use it (or a version of it) as the end to your speech. It should capture the overall message of your speech nicely, with the addition of a toast to your wife.

Example - Dad has always been my pillar of support, strength, and comfort in tough times. Living without him leaves a giant hole in my life. But I will draw strength from the things he taught me and live by the words he quoted as if his own - “accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can.” It is an honor to speak with you and share precious memories and stories about Dad, of which there are many more. I am sure that I and others here will continue to reflect on them as time goes on. He will be missed, but his memory will forever live on in us all. I love you so much, Dad. We will miss you more than words can say.

"Writing a speech for my wedding wasn’t easy. It was a great incentive to put together the tools, team, and resources that give you the know-how and feel far more empowered."


Lead Speechformer

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When the moment comes – your delivery

Your efforts to write your Groom Speech are not to just “get it done”, but to make the speech enjoyable, memorable, and one that has people approaching you to sing their praises for your speech. After all, you will have put in a lot of effort! There is something special about making an impact on your audience when you thought your sole job was just to “get through it”. 

Using professional public speaking techniques is an incredibly powerful way to make a huge impact on your guests, particularly when telling funny stories or other during emotional points in your speech. Examples include:

•    Looking at people when talking to them specifically
•    Talking at a slower rate and lower pitch when talking about an emotional topic
•    Pausing before giving the punchline
•    Talking loud at an exciting moment

Give these some thought as you write your speech. Or, when you’ve finished your speech, read it over and explore where you can add these techniques so that you get the most out of your speech. Our professional speechwriters consider these techniques as critical as the words they apply to, which is why they are built into all of our Builder, Shop, and Pro Support content.

And finally – remember to rehearse. The more you develop your speech and rehearse, the greater the impression you will make. Confidence through a well-written speech is great, but using your voice and your body effectively only comes through practice. 


For more information, check out our Public Speaking Resources.


Let’s summarize

You’re taking people on the journey of your relationship and your love while acknowledging their part in it. Achieving this is the sign of a great Groom Speech. Get it right, and you will leave a lasting impression that your guests will remember long after the wedding.

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