End-of-Year Speech Package - Balanced Audience

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  • Such an Amazing Place to Work

    A fun, upbeat, professional, and quick 5-minute speech that briefly unpacks yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The year’s events are reflected upon, and insight into exciting future plans are covered.  This speech highlights your gratitude towards the team and how their efforts make your team or organization a success. All other essential components are covered – gratitude, special mentions of specific team members, a toast, and an open and close that will have your team members feeling good, feeling acknowledged, and feeling that they are ready to party!


    We've Come a Long Way

    A longer speech for a more formal occasion. This speech has an inspirational undertone, quoting poems and well-known figures to emphasize how far the company has come and where it is going. “Never gave up” and “teamwork” are the themes of this speech, highlighting the organization’s greatest asset – the team (the Relaxed version focuses on “teamwork”, and the Balanced and Conservative versions focus more on “never giving up”). Though, the speech is not all fun and no play. The speech is upbeat throughout. It ends with gratitude towards the team and others who have contributed to the year’s success, along with a fun wind-up and toast!