Remembrance Package

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  • Get the complete range of content by downloading all four of our eulogy templates - You Were My Everything, Remember the Joy, Guardian Angel, and Celebrate the Life (not yet accessible outside of this package).  Create a eulogy that honors your loved one and give yourself the best chance of creating a eulogy that you're proud of.


    Guardian Angel

    A comforting, positive, and all-encompassing celebration of life. Your loved one hated the somber nature of funerals! As a friend or someone close to your loved one, the theme of this eulogy is the tale of all the great and positive things that made your loved one “them”. Your loved one was a teacher, a friend, a parent, a caregiver, someone who served others over self, and someone who always brought out the best in others. This lengthier eulogy touches on values, family, characteristics, career, and even horoscopes! Depending on your stories, this eulogy can be made as short or as long as desired. The eulogy ends by showing gratitude to the congregation and finishes with a fun, endearing statement to bring joy to those listening.


    You Were My Everything

    A loving (and occasionally cheeky) reflection on the life of your husband or wife. The eulogy highlights the relationship you had with your loved one, particularly their loves and what made them “them”. Your loved one is celebrated as someone who had great passion and loves and was always supportive of family and friends, especially you and your children. This eulogy touches on the pandemic. It can be applied to a married relationship, though it can be edited easily to apply to a very close personal relationship. The eulogy ends with words of comfort for all and describes one final, important memory that binds you and your loved one, illustrating your enduring love and memory.


    Remember the Joy

    A warm, sincere, and universal eulogy that honors your loved one. Bringing comfort to the congregation and reliving the memory of your loved one is the theme running through this speech. Those in the audience know your loved one, but not everything. The things he or she enjoyed, the values passed on, and the character and quirks that you knew are remembered. Depending on your stories, this eulogy can be made as short or as long as desired. This eulogy can be applied to any relationship held with your loved one and is editable to contain religious or non-religious content. The eulogy ends by focusing on both the audience and your loved one, bringing comfort to your audience and illustrating your affection, love, and lasting memory. 


    Celebrate the Life

    Without question, this eulogy takes a ride down memory lane. This eulogy is written from the perspective of a son or daughter but can be edited to apply to any long-term relationship. With a focus on your loved one's background, their relationships, and their life's loves, the eulogy moves from memory to memory. The stories illustrate who your loved one was and how your loved one changed your life. The eulogy is around five minutes long and can be edited for length, depending on your stories. It ends by focusing on your appreciation for the time spent with your loved one and how your loved one touched so many lives amongst the congregation.