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  • Get the best of both worlds. Arm yourself with both A Bit of Fun! and Feeling the Love template sets to give yourself the best possible chance of creating vows you love easily and without the stress.


    A Bit of Fun!

    Want to express your love but also keep things lighthearted and fun? Our celebrant-qualified expert speechwriters have put together a combination of 10 vows that are sure to both warm and entertain your audience and the bride or groom. Whether you’re partner hogs the bedsheets, whether you share each other’s goals (except the ridiculous ones!), or whether you promise “to have or to scold”, you’re bound to give vows nobody will forget! Pick the one you like, or mix and match to your heart’s content.


    Feeling the Love

    Are you a romantic at heart? Now is your time to shine! With 10 romantic vows expertly crafted by our celebrants and speechwriters, you’ll schmooze your partner and melt the hearts of the crowd. Taking on life’s challenges together, talking about how the relationship has changed you for the better, and what it has meant for your partner to have entered your life are just a few of the themes running through these memorable vows. Mix, match, and merge to create vows you're proud to make.