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How we create our shop templates

Finishing up with a quote or a final comment about your bride and your marriage rounds off your speech. And, let's not forget a toast!

1. Kick-off

Launching straight into something super interesting to get people thinking, “Didn’t expect that. What’s going to happen next?”– a comment or a story about the wedding or your bride, a question, or an opinion about the event. 

2. Family and friends

No Groom Speech is complete without acknowledging the bridal party, family, and others who have contributed to the day. We may even throw in a story about the moment you asked for your bride’s hand in marriage, the time you first met, or another interesting story!

3. Personal stories

Having insights into the bride and guests from behind the scenes, you get to tell "get to know the bride" stories, reflect on the good and bad times, talk about nostalgic memories, and deepen the story of your adventure of falling in love.

4. Toast






Feel secure and prepared knowing that each template includes everything that should be included in your type of speech. 

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Highlight your stories

We believe great speeches are not just made using templates, which is why our builder has unique personalization prompts. With instructions on where to add your personal stories and info, your speech will showcase your memories, emotion, and personality to help you stand out from the crowd.

Public speaking expertise

We built SpeechForm’s speech creator in a way that feels like an encouraging tap on your shoulder. Courtesy of our team of award-winning public speaking experts – notes and guidance on how to best deliver words, sentences, and paragraphs are built into your speech, helping you to prepare like a professional.

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Designed to suit

Feel confident and proud when you hold your speech in your hand. The speech builder allows you to download your speech as a Word Doc so you can edit and choose styling formats to suit your taste.

Expert tips, guides, and resources

We’ve put together advice and tips from celebrants, speechwriters, and public speaking professionals, turning them into definitive speech guides. They show you the ins and outs of a range of speech topics and types to help you prepare to give a stand-out speech.

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Speech Shop

Builder vs. shop

Want more flexibility and choice? Choose from hundreds of template fragments and construct your speech section-by-section using our Speech Builder – the ultimate tool for creating a speech you’re proud to deliver.

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